frequently asked questions

how long does it take to get your products shipped out?

Generally it takes 3-5 business days to get them shipped out, please keep in mind that shipping may take some time due to COVID-19 restrictions worldwide.

what are your prices for custom collage and illustration pieces?

Rates are determined on a number of factors such as how much time it will take, size, the cost of materials, my value and my time put into the design, etc. Please refer to my Contact Me page to fill out the Design Services form if you're interested in working with me, or please send me an email at

do you provide any process videos on how you do your art?

I have some available on my Instagram, but I do plan to create and post more process videos in the near future. 

how can I purchase some of your NFTs, digital prints/illustrations

  • For exclusive licensing, please send me an email at to inquire.

  • For NFTs, please visit my link on the homepage to access all NFT platforms where I am selling my work.

  • For digital illustration prints available for sale, all are in my Shop!

i am interested in working with you for a different project, how can i contact you about rates, etc.?

Great!        Please contact me at to start the process and I can provide more details and a quote then.

If you have other questions not listed on this page Contact me or message me on my Instagram page @crownandpalette

I look forward to hearing from you!