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Hello kings and queens!

If you have made it this far, I am truly blessed and also feel it was meant to be that we have crossed paths

My journey in creating Crown and Palette was not linear I can assure you, but I love to tell stories so here is my story: I always knew I was different; my connection to the mystic realm started when I was young. I started drawing lessons when I was six, and it was then I began to realize how immersed and passionate I was in using my creativity to create beautiful masterpieces. The universe led me on a different path after high school, but I always knew it would lead me back to my art one day when I was ready. 

I wasn’t in the place to create for a long time, but after a 10 year hiatus, I realized that I needed to heal my shadow self, my inner child, and to redirect my energy to things that light me up, this reconnected me to my art. Once I started the work of re-connecting to my higher self and inner power, my mindset completely shifted, and I have found a way to be able to express myself in ways I couldn’t before. 

I finally decided to set aside my fears and use my creative expression to amplify this process even more. Connecting to our higher selves is associated with our crown chakra; combined with my Leo energy and love for painting, Crown + Palette was born.

What began as a passion for the arts, grew into something much bigger than myself. I am here to create imagery that tells a story and also activates an energetic source transmission that is channeled through the creative process.

I truly believe that creativity comes from a space of divine inspiration and can really transform lives. It is my hope that my art can bring this magical tranquil energy and beauty into your space.

Shine bright, always.

– Andrea 

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